Oğuz Tosun 


Oğuz has been active in the carbon pricing space since 2016 and involved in several c-suite climate change consulting bodies under key responsibilities back then. He is passionate about advancing global climate action and cooperation, and has facilitated several side events and workshops on carbon markets and pricing at international conferences and platforms, such as COP 24, COP 25, COP 26, and COP 27. He has also contributed to policy papers and publications for the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Turkey and the Directorate General for Civil Aviation, on topics such as macroeconomic approach to climate crisis and aviation MRV data management system. He has graduated from the Environmental Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University. He is a board member of Global Balance Association and a distinguished professional fellow on climate change from the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship.




Sami Homsi


Sami has been active in the emission reduction project activities since 2017 and has been I charge of more of seven countries in regards of business development activities ensuring penetration and expansion in virgin markets by providing multiple services to meet the expectations of his clients. Sami is fueled with making business which will result in GHG emission reduction and removal. As a climate change professional, he has been engaged in multiple private and governmental communications which is resulting in climate action. Holding a Energy Engineering degree from the German Jordanian University Sami has been a problem solver using analytical and systematic approach to find solutions that are effective in both time and cost perspective.




Buse Naval

Carbon Market Specialist

She graduated from METU Environmental Engineering department in July 2022. In the same month, she has started working the carbon market domain as a project developer. In order to specialize in the field of sustainability, she left her previous job in August 2023 and started her education in the Environmental Change and Global Sustainability master program at the University of Milan (Italy). Now, while she continues her master degree, she also works as a carbon project specialist at Climate Balanced.




İlke Özgün Öztürk 

Assistant Carbon Market Specialist

İlke graduated from METU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering in July 2023. While studying at  METU, she has focused on municipal Integrated Solid Waste Management Project involving waste prevention, source separation scenarios, recycling, composting, and biomethanization processes in her bachelor. Currently, she works as an Assistant Carbon Market Specialist at Climate Balanced, where she actively contributes to innovative solutions in the carbon market and climate change mitigation.




Nurgül Süleymanoğlu

Assistant Carbon Market Specialist

Nurgul graduated with a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from Middle East Technical University (July 2020).Gained experience in wastewater treatment process control and environmental/social impact assessment report writing through internships. Nurgul's bachelor's degree culminated in a project where she participated in designing a chlorination unit for a wastewater treatment plant. At Climate Balanced, Nurgul helps to tackle climate challenges as an Assistant Carbon Market Specialist.





Areej Bani-Mustafa


Having graduated in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Jordan, Areej brings with her a wealth of experience in voluntary work, with a focus on environmental issues and public speaking skills, spanning over seven years. Membership in the IEEE AESS team, which deals with space-related concerns and their environmental implications, is part of her background. With a foundation in tourism, a strong desire to contribute to climate change mitigation and environmental protection is held by her.